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Sub/Lieut. (Pilot)Gordon Frederick Hopewell RNVR Fleet Air Arm.
(ON1935 ) Killed in air crash while training 20/12/1943 at Coniston. Age 19. Buried…

Wagstaff E.A.


Pilot Officer Ernest Adam Wagstaff (ON 19-26) BSc, PhD. 103 Sqn RAFVR Killed 25/10/42 age 34. Buried OULIN-SOUS-TOUVENT COMMUNAL CEMETERY

West J.R

Old School Crest 001.jpg

Mr John Roger West Esq. Indian Civil Service. (ON 26-36) Died Died of Para-typhoid fever in Dibrygarh, Assam, India in October 1942 age 24. After…

Kirkby THB


Flying Officer Thomas Hugh Burton Kirkby, 61st Sqd. RAFVR (ON 34-38). Killed 7 March 1945 age 20. Son of James Burton Kirkby, a manager of a Lace…

Whitson KH


Lieut. Keith Henry Whitson. (ON34-36) 7th India Infantry Division. Died 30 April 1946 age 21. Son of FH Whitson, A branch manager (Banking).…