Balls, Boots and Players.

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Balls, Boots and Players.


500 Years of Nottingham High School.


500 Years of the School and it's Community





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Charter Detail
Detail of the school Charter, a letters patent, signed by Henry VIII in 1513, giving Agnes Mellors permission to found a school in Nottingham.

Stoney Street
Nottingham School moved from St Mary's Church to a building in Stoney Street towards the middle of the Sixteenth Century and remained there for over 300 years. At some point in the intervening years the name changed to The Grammar School

St Mary's Church
The first lessons of Nottingham School took place in St Mary's Church, now in the Lace Market. One of the original donors of the school was Richard Taverner, Vicar of St Mary's, who gave ten shillings.

Aerial View of school 2011.
School from the air showing the roof of the new Sixth Form centre covering one of the two quads.

Nottingham High School 1873.
This drawing, made 5 years after the school was opened on Arboretum Street shows the original one storey building of two large school rooms separated by the school entrance. Within the next ten years the building was excavated downwards creating a…

Mr Ryles' class  around 1901
A rare image of the inside of one of the original school rooms divided by a curtain and lit by natural light or gas light. Exact year is not known but Wilfred Tyson Ryles, a much beloved master, taught the Year 2 in the Junior School from 1883 to…

Arthur Lymbery 1930
Arthur William Lymbery (ON 1888-97)

Arthur was born in 1878, the son of Walter Roe Lymbery a Lace Manufacturer living at Colston House, Sherwood Rise. He was the third of six brothers and two cousins who attended the school between 1884 and…

J.A.Taylor 1929
J.A.Taylor (ON 1891-93)
John “Archie” Taylor was born on July 22 1876, the son of a farmer from Roxby nr Scarborough.
He attended the school from 1891 under Dr James Gow, a respected academic whose tenure as Headmaster had made the reputation…

Aleem Maqbool © Bhas Solanki. BBC
Aleem Maqbool (ON 1987-94) is a Journalist, television and radio presenter. He is currently one of the BBC's Asia correspondents and is based in Islamabad covering peace talks with the Taliban. During his time with the BBC he has covered many…

1815 Nottingham Directory
Several directories of commerce were published for Nottingham regularly from 1800 onwards and the school archive has at least two. These detail the streets, yards, names and occupations of the Merchants, Tradesmen and Principal Inhabitants residing…
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