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Nottingham High School Archive

Around the Globe

J.A.Taylor 1929

“If you say that England is small, and that every career is full, in every quarter of the globe there are other countries that are equally open to Englishmen”. 

Colonel Charles Seely, MP.   Prize Giving, 1880

The mid to late Victorian era saw unprecedented emigration.  Before the First World War many boys who had been educated at Nottingham High School left to make new lives on every continent across the globe, encouraged by advertisements rightly claiming that, for educated men, there were vast opportunities available.

In 1883, Henry Cripps Matheson became an engineering entrepreneur building railways in China, Japan and the Nile Delta.  He was awarded the Order of the Double Dragon of the 2nd Class from the Chinese Emperor for his work inspecting mines on the Island of Formosa. Archie Taylor, son of a Lincolnshire farmer, was chief medical officer in Uganda before becoming Surgeon to the Sultan of Zanzibar.  He was awarded the Order of the Brilliant Star 2nd Class in 1929 for Medical and Sanitary services.

Arthur Lymbery 1930

Arthur W. Lymbery, son of a lace manufacturer left a career in law in 1911 to buy 100 acres beside Lake Kootenay for apple farming.  He established the General Store by the steam boat landing in Grey Creek, British Columbia before roads and railways opened up the country.  His son and grandson still run the store.

More recently, this year Alan Charlton and Jonathan Allen, respectively  Ambassadors to Brazil and Serbia, are fostering  trade, diplomacy and the UK’s national interests in a very modern world.   

Aleem Maqbool © Bhas Solanki. BBC

Aleem Maqbool (ON 1987-94) is a Journalist, television and radio presenter.  He is currently one of the BBC's Asia correspondents and is based in Islamabad covering peace talks with the Taliban.  During his time with the BBC he has covered many significant events including being the first journalist on the scene of the killing of Osama Bin Laden by US troops.