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Nottingham High School Archive

The School and the Military

School Cadet Corps 1903

Members of the School Cadet Corps Band  in March 1903.

Following the deaths of four former pupils in the Boer War, and inspired by the patriotic feelings stirred up by the Relief of Kimberley, Ladysmith and of Mafeking, a motion was brought forward at Nottingham High School 6th Form Debating Society, in February 1900, to consider the formation of  a company of the ‘Robin Hoods’ within the school.  At the same time aware of the massive mobilisation of troops on the continent and fearing German ambitions,  the Headmaster and Governors gave their hearty support to the formation of a School Cadet Corps.  By the beginning of the Summer Term, 87 of the 370 boys at the school had enrolled in the new corps and the Chief Science master, S.R.Trotman became the first Commanding Officer.

Wearing the same colour uniforms as the Robin Hood Rifles there was, for many years, a close relationship with the Notts and Derbys Regiment, from whom instruction and firearms’ training were provided.  Despite the Governors initially granting each Corps member 5/- towards the cost of the uniform, by the following year the Corps had overspent by £98.15.0.  Additional unforeseen expenses, such as the claim for compensation of £20 for a boy accidentally shot in the leg whilst under instruction in 1903, continued to be met by the school.