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Fellows DP


Lieut. DP Fellows. 14 Btn. Sherwood Foresters.


Lieut. Dennis Peter Fellows. 14 Btn. Sherwood Foresters. (ON 25-30) Killed 25 October 1942 in the 2nd Battle of El Alamein aged 29. Commemorated Alamein Memorial. Son of Ernest, a Bank Sub-Manager and Helen Fellows; husband of Louise Fellows, of Thorpe Bay, Essex.

From The Nottinghamian December 1942:
After leaving school he played for several seasons for the Old Nottinghamians R.F.C, where he developed into a powerful and dangerous forward. His fellows will long remember him for the prominent part he took in the social activities of the club, and for his clever mimicry of Stanley Holloway recitations at Annual Dinners. He took a keen interest in Nottingham amateur boxing and wrestling, and, while at an O.C.T.U. in 1941, he won a silver cup presented for boxing.




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