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Grain JW


Bombardier JW Grain. RA.


Bombardier JW Grain. RA. (ON 26-37) Died of wounds 23 June 1942 age 23.
Buried: Tobruk War Cemetery. Libya.. The same Battn/Regiment as and killed two days after PF Paulson.

From The Nottinghamian:
He was a member of the Cricket XI and the Rugby XV, the OTC where he became a sergeant, and a school prefect.
On leaving school he joined Messrs.Spencer Ltd., "Vedonis" Hosiery Manufacturers; and in the field of sport became one of the leading members of the Old Boy's Rugger XV and Cricket XI.
At the commencement of the war he joined the A.A., became a bombardier, and went with the 68 Regt. to the Middle East.
He had outstanding qualities as a leader, and gained the highest respect of both boys and masters. We most sincerely mourn his loss.




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