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Lawrence RP


Sub-Lieut. RP Lawrence. RNVR


Sub-Lieut. Robert Percival Lawrence. RNVR (ON 21-30) Killed 1 September 1940 age 28. HULL NORTHERN CEMETERY. Son of EA Lawrence, a Bank Manager.
Husband of M. E. Lawrence, of Minstead, Hampshire.

From The Nottinghamian 1940:
RP Lawrence was killed in a Destroyer action in the North Sea. The second of three brothers who attended the school, he had a brilliant school career in which he carried off many prizes and as a crowning achievement gained an open scholarship of £100 pa for science at Christchurch, Oxford. He was also Captain of the School, won his 1st XV Rugby Colours and Full Swimming Colours, and was Captain of Swimming. Leaving Oxford in 1934 with honours in Chemistry he became a Science Master at Sedbergh School and later took a similar post at Brighton College.
He was a sub-Lieut. in the RNVR and did well in the Navy from the beginning. Early in the war he was selected for a special course of training as an anti-submarine specialist, and came out first in both his theoretical and practical examinations. During his last 6 months he was actively engaged in dangerous work and was due for promotion in October.
For the whole six days and nights of the Dunkirk evacuation, he was engaged in embarking the troops from shore to his ship, and lived, as he put it, "on one egg sandwich and two hours sleep a day" with no time even to empty the water out of his sea boots. He leaves a widow and one small son.




Nottingham High School Archives.