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Ordinary Coder AR Rose RNVR


Ordinary Coder AR Rose RNVR. HMS Gallant (ON 19-27) lost on 10 January 1941 when the ship struck a mine in the Mediterranean while on convoy duties aged 29. Confirmed 10 April 1941. Commemorated: CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL. Rose was the son of Henry Bramley Rose and Florence M. Rose; husband of Elizabeth Rose Nee Rushton, of Mapperley, Nottingham with one son aged two.

From The Nottinghamian April 1941:
Gaining his 1st Cricket Colours in his last term, he left school from the Remove Form and joined the firm of JB Lewis and Sons, Hosiery Manufacturers, where his father was a Director. There, as at school, he soon became well liked and respected, and by the time he joined up in June 1940, he held an important post in the firm. He joined the Navy as a volunteer before the time came for his registration and making excellent progress in his training he was soon posted to his first ship as a coder. This was the destroyer from which he was subsequently reported as missing.
Honorary Secretary of Sherwood Amateurs F.C., Diocese of Southwell Clergy Pensions and Aid Society .




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