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Trooper Dan Jutson Simmins RAC. 15th/19th Hussars (ON33-41) Died of Wounds 20 October 1944 in Holland age 19. MIERLO WAR CEMETERY Son of Arthur a coal merchant and his wife Winifred Louise Simmins, of 2A Southey Street, Nottingham.

From The Nottinghamian, Dec 44:
Dan Simmins is one of our youngest war casualties: for it seems only yesterday that he was still at school. The whole of his short life was bound up with the school: he lived just opposite the school gates and took a keen interest in all its activities. He was an especially enthusiastic member of the JTC in which he became a Corporal, and after he left the school he still retained his connection with it in the NHS section of the Home Guard, of which he was one of the early members and which he ultimately rose to command. Among his many friends, to whom his death will be a bitter loss, he was very popular and this was due to his two chief characteristics. The first of these was that he never adopted that silly attitude that it was beneath his dignity to treat younger boys as his friends, as so many schoolboys do, and the other was his perpetual cheerfulness, for he was never without a smile.
Dan Simmins joined the Royal Armoured Corps in August 1943 as a volunteer, and went to France in August that year. He took part in the speedy advance through Belgium and into Holland where he was badly wounded. and had a leg amputated. From these wounds he died about a day later. At the time of his death he was serving as a trooper in the 15th/19th Hussars. (R.N.Radford)




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