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Ed Davey MP

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Ken Clarke MP

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James Morris MP

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Edward Balls M.P.

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"We declare-
For Pure Drugs
For Qualified Assistants
For First-class Shops
For Reasonable Prices
For your Good Health
For our Moderate Profits
We minister to the comfort of the community in a hundred ways."
Jesse Boot, 1897

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Jesse Boot was born in 1850, the son of a farm labourer. Unfit to do farm work John Boot opened a shop selling herbal remedies. He died in 1860 and his wife Mary took over the business. Jesse was educated at this school from 1861 - 3. He had…

Hawksley constructed over 150 waterworks during his lifetime including Pumping Stations, Dams, Reservoirs and Water towers. He took personal control of their design and construction his surviving drawings showing a high degree of Architectural skill…

Civil Engineer Thomas Hawksley (1807-1893) was celebrated for his ground- breaking work in Water supply, Gas supply and Drainage. An example of the huge significance of his work in Nottingham to ordinary people can be seen in Nottingham life in the…

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Ken Clarke M.P.
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