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J.A.Taylor 1929


J.A.Taylor (ON 1891-93)
John “Archie” Taylor was born on July 22 1876, the son of a farmer from Roxby nr Scarborough.
He attended the school from 1891 under Dr James Gow, a respected academic whose tenure as Headmaster had made the reputation of Nottingham High School one of the best schools in the country. It was almost certainly this reputation which had led to Taylor’s father sending his son this distance, and the innovation of a new, well-stocked Chemistry Laboratory at the school determined the career path of many pupils.
Archie boarded first with Mr Seal in All Saints Road but moved in with 4 other boarders to Mr ‘Sammy’ Corner’s house at 95 Forest Road West, the First Master at the school and a man known for his kindness over his 37 years employment there.
Oct 16th 1891 Letter to sister.
“I think I shall like being here as well as I did at Mr Seal’s if not better when I get used to it. Mr Corner is very good to us, he will always lend us his bicycles if we like and pay the hire of one if we want to go anywhere. The high school has more boys (305) at it than it has had for about 10 years. We have a very long term this term Doctor told us on the first day that we had 14 weeks. How long is your term? What sort of weather are you having at Cheltenham? It has been as cold as Christmas here. We only just started fires at the school and nearly all the boys have got colds. In Nottingham, nobody starts fires until after Goose Fair (which was last week) it does not matter at all how cold it is. I am glad to say we had fires at Mr Corner’s for three weeks now because he was not born in Nottingham. Mr Corner has a very large Library here that has every book that has anything to do with science or Arts there are, I think”.
Archie went on to study medicine at Edinburgh and in 1908 left for Africa, becoming first a Medical Officer in Uganda and then Chief Medical Officer and Surgeon to the Sultan of Zanzibar.
J.A.Taylor died in England in 1965.